Windows 10: Save games aren't saving




  • Joseph Hicks

    I'm having this problem and the article isn't useful, as I don't have controlled access turned on

  • Joseph Hicks

    I have a maximum of 4 saves. If I delete my quicksaves, it works again, but then climbs to "quicksave 4" and stops saving"

  • Kacper

    I had the same trouble in Beamdog Client version of BG: Siege of Dragonspear. Based on resolvement above I thought that my antivirus might block saves from being created. It turned out to be true - it was in particular "safe files" feature which prevents unauthorized changes in sensitive files and folders. Turning this feature off resolved the issue.  

  • Maximilian

    I haveing this problem with windows7.

  • Joseph Hicks

    It’s okay for me, turns out it saves only 4 quicksaves and then starts overwriting

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